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The Emerging Africa January Newsletter

After the successful end of the first month of the year, we have interesting news for you from The Emerging Africa Group.

Welcome to February, we are so excited to be going on this journey again, thank you for sticking with us and always being supportive. We appreciate you and look forward to serving you even better this new year. After the successful end of the first month of the year we have news to share with you from the Emerging Africa Group so keep reading:



Every year at the Emerging Africa Group, we start the new year with a commencement service to encourage staff to put their best foot forward and reset their mindset towards achieving their goals for the year. On the 3rd  of January 2023, we held our 5th commencement service at the Emerging Africa Campus, it was an inspiring session attended by Directors, Shareholders and Staff. We were honored to have the esteemed Pastor Ituah Ighodalo of Trinity house lead the session. The year was indeed off to a great start for us



At the end of January we successfully launched the 2nd edition of the Africa Capital Markets Report, this report is a comprehensive analysis of the current state and future potential of the capital markets in Africa. The African capital markets highlights different sectors like Agriculture, Real Estate, Technology and Innovation, Financial Services, Infrastructure Development and Natural Resources.

The Report aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the various segments of the capital markets, including equities, bonds and derivatives and the role of the key participants such as investment banks, asset managers and stock exchange. The report covers 9 African countries spread across different regions in Africa.

The keynote speech and expert review was given by one of Africa’s leading economists, Dr Biodun Adedipe who gave only amazing reviews about the report.

You can read the full report on https://emergingafricagroup.com/insights/



In line with our redefined Vision and Mission, implemented Renewable Power and Waste disposal initiatives on our Main Campus and other locations achieving the following significant levels of change / reduction in carbon footprints:

  1. Electricity & Diesel Consumption- 81% reduction
  2. Paper Usage- 80% Reduction including savings from shift to electronic business card
  3. Recycling of Waste- 100% Compliance
  4. Noise Pollution from Generation fumes – 77.5% reduction
  5. Greenery on premises from 0% to 15%
  6. Water consumption- 25% reduction


Emerging Africa Capacity Building (EACB)

At Emerging Africa Capacity Building, the first run of our Mini-MBA program commenced on the 21st of January 2023. This is a 3-month hybrid Executive Mini-MBA program. To join the next cohort of this program, send an email to eacb@emergingafricagroup.com for more details.

Emerging Africa Capital Advisory (EACA)

At Emerging Africa Capital Advisory Limited, in January we provided Financial Advisory & Valuation Services on an Equity Divestment & Buyout Transaction (Project Vee)

and also provided Advisory & Funds Arrangement services on a Cross-Border Trade Finance Transaction (Project TOFA).


Emerging Africa Trustees Limited (EATL)

It’s exciting news for Emerging Africa Trustees Limited as they were appointed as Trustees to a major Infrastructure Fund.




Fundall received accolades for having one of the best designed websites by a Nigerian brand from Best Nigerian Sites. The Fundall website was adjudged to be aesthetically pleasing  with a great user experience. Visit the fundall website on fundall.io


Emerging Africa Asset Management Limited (EAAML)

At Emerging Africa Asset Management Ltd, January 27th marked the one year anniversary of the launch of our 4 mutual funds. We have different mutual fund options that you can happily invest in and with as little as N10,000 you can secure your financial future with us. Send an email to assetmanagement@emergingafricagroup.com for details.


Emerging Africa Venture Capital (EAVC)

The EAVC tech fund, a technology focused early stage venture capital fund has raised commitments of 20% of the fund’s tranche 1 size of USD15m out of a program size of $50,000,000. It also advanced conversations with potential investors with a view to achieving its first close on schedule.


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