Gibeon Investment Club

Gibeon Investment Club (Gibeon) is an investment platform comprising of churches, corporate investors and individuals interested in achieving their financial objectives.

Benefits of Membership

  • There is an opportunity to earn above market returns on investments from the unique Investment Portfolio mix.
  • Opportunity to Invest in a Portfolio that makes Kingdom Investments.
  • Access to Periodic Personal & Church Financial Management Workshops, Seminars & Materials.
  • Opportunity to exchange investment & financing opportunities & information with other Members at physical & online Gibeon community events.
  • Opportunities to combine resources with members of own church to fund your own church project.


Features of Gibeon Investment Club


  1. Payment of return on investments bi-annually
  2. Quarterly generation of portfolio performance report


Individual Member 100,000.00
Corporate Member 250,000.00
Churches 250,000.00


Please note that the interest on this investment is usually higher than the market rate

EAC Trustees Private Trust Suite

Private Trust is a unit within the Trust business here in EAC Trustees vested with the mandate to work closely with individuals, families and Foundations, guiding them in the preservation and transfer of wealth across generations.  We understand that no two Clients are alike and are able to provide bespoke services to all our Clients. It involves an arrangement by a Settlor for the administration of certain assets by a named Trustee or Trustees for the benefit of another or others called the Beneficiaries. It is typically created by a Will or a Trust Deed and we are able to assist in preparation of whichever

Emerging Dream Trust

This is designed for long term investments under Trust. The product enables you to set aside either a lump sum amount or periodic contributions over time for long term savings and investment under Trust towards a pre-defined purpose such as a future major investment, business start-up, real estate or other key asset acquisition or as part of a private retirement plan.

Emerging Stars Education Trust

This product enables you to set aside either a lump sum amount or periodic contributions over time to provide for the education of the named beneficiary. The standard, level of education is determined by you, subject to adequacy of funds in the Trust account. You are at liberty to make this Trust revocable or irrevocable. In other words, you may guarantee the education of the beneficiary by precluding yourself or any future guardian from terminating the Trust or withdrawing the funds.

Estate Planning And Establishment

EAC Trustees provides Estate planning and establishment of Foundations and/or endowments for High net worth individuals/corporates who want to give back to the society.

See Account Opening Form Below:

EACT Private Trust Form

This Business Division is organized to provide financial advisory and related services across Project Finance, Equity and Debt Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, Structured Trade and Loan Syndication transactions. Its scope cuts across sectors such as Oil and Gas, Energy, Real Estate, Information Communication Technology, Media and Entertainment and Health care.

Coronation Merchant Bank Commercial Paper - Series IX & X

Dear Esteemed Investor,

Chapel Hill Denham Advisory Limited, Coronation Merchant Bank Limited, and EAC Advisory Limited (together “the Joint Lead Arrangers”), are pleased to notify you that Coronation Merchant Bank Limited (“Coronation MB” or the “Bank”) Series IX and X Commercial Paper issuance under its ₦100 billion Commercial Paper Programme is NOW OPEN. The Offer is scheduled to close on Friday, May 29, 2020.


Coronation Merchant Bank is a Private Limited Liability Company duly licenced by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a Merchant Bank in Nigeria, providing services in treasury services, investment banking and corporate banking to corporates, institutional investors and high-net worth individuals. The Bank, a well-recognised brand and “A” rated entity, has consistently delivered strong financial performance, with its asset base and shareholders’ funds at ₦253.35 billion and ₦34.57 billion respectively, as at 31 December 2019.


Please find below a summary of the terns of the Offer:


Issuer: Coronation Merchant Bank Limited
Series: IX X
Tenor: 179 days 270 days
Issuance Size: Up to ₦15 billion
Discount Rate: 6.0646% 6.8817%
Implied Yield: 6.2500% 7.2500%
Offer Open Date: May 22, 2020
Offer Close Date: May 29, 2020
Settlement Date: June 1, 2020
Issuer Rating: A+ (Agusto); A- (GCR)
Minimum Subscription: ₦5 million
Tax Consideration: Free and clear of Withholding Taxes



Kindly see below the commitment forms:

Coronation MB CP Series IX_Commitment Form_179 days

Coronation MB CP Series X_Commitment Form_270 days


We look forward to your participation in the Coronation Merchant Bank Series IX & X CP issuance. Please contact the undersigned for more information and/ or clarification.


Dear Investor,


Trust this mail meets you well,


We are pleased to inform you that book building has commenced, for a N10 billion issuance of seven-year Fixed Rate Subordinated Unsecured Bonds by Nova Merchant Bank Limited (“NOVA” or the “Bank”), via a funding vehicle- NOVAMBL INVESTMENTS SPV PLC (“NOVAMBL SPV PLC” or “the Issuer”). The Bonds are being issued under a SEC-approved N50 billion Debt Issuance Programme. The issuance opens today, Tuesday 30th June 2020 and is expected to close on Wednesday 8th July 2020.


Nova Merchant Bank Limited is a licensed merchant bank in Nigeria, which is owned by experienced local and foreign investors. It offers a portfolio of products and services across Corporate and Investment Banking, Securities Trading and Asset Management, to a clientele comprising top-tier corporates and high net worth individuals. The Bank is rated BBB by Agusto & Co. and A+ by Datapro.


Nova has an ambitious vision to be Africa’s preferred financial solutions provider, by creating superior value in the markets they serve. For the year ended December 31, 2019, the bank recorded 0% NPL, Gross earnings of N5.8 Billion, Profit after Tax of N1.6 Billion (growing at a CAGR of 48%), and Total Assets of N63.8 Billion, with a Return on Equity of 8.4%.


The Bank intends to use the proceeds from the bond issuance to invest in long-term risk assets, as part of its medium-term growth strategy. Proceeds of the Bond issue will also serve as Tier-II capital for the Bank, within the requirements of the Central Bank of Nigeria.


Please find below a summary of the indicative terms of the offer:


Issuer: NOVAMBL Investments SPV PLC
Sponsor: NOVA Merchant Bank Limited
Programme Size: N50 billion
Issue Size: Up to N10 billion
Tenor: 7 years
Status of Bonds: Subordinated Unsecured
Coupon Basis: Payable on a semi-annual basis
Repayment: Bullet Repayment
Sponsor Rating: Data Pro (A+); Agusto (Bbb)
Issue Rating: Data Pro (A); Agusto (Bbb-)
Coupon Basis: Fixed Rate; Semi-Annual
Call Option: Callable after 5 years
Maturity Date: July, 2027
Benchmark: 7-year Treasury Bond (FGN 27-Mar-2027)
Book Building Price Guidance: 12.00%-12.50%
Currency: The Bonds shall be denominated in Nigeria Naira (N)
Offer Mode: Offer via Book-Build
Issue Price: NGN1,000 per unit
Offer Open Date: 30th June, 2020
Offer Close Date: 8th July, 2020
Funding Date: 15th July, 2020
Use of Proceeds: To be invested in long-term corporate loans, in line with the Bank’s strategic objectives
Unit of Sales: Minimum of 10,000 units and multiple of 1,000 thereafter
Listing: FMDQ and / or The NSE


Please follow the Link in order to access the following transaction documents:


  1. Commitment Form
  2. Shelf Prospectus
  3. Supplementary Prospectus
  4. Series Trust Deed
  5. PENCOM Compliance Certificate
  6. Sponsor and Issue Rating Reports
  7. 2019 Audited Financial Statements
  8. Investor Presentation
  9. Reporting Accountants’ Report


If you have any further enquiries, or require any further documentation, kindly email or alternatively call the following contact persons:


Toyin Sanni Ogochukwu Odum Adedamola Olabintan
+234 803 539 3939 +234 812 583 4003 +234 810 720 9469


Kindly see the commitment form on Page 44 of the Supplementary Prospectus as attached in the Link above, We look forward to receiving your bids.


Best Regards,

EAC Mutual Funds Portfolio (COMING SOON)

  • This is an opportunity to grow your portfolio and with as low as N10,000 (Ten thousand Naira) you can get started! in investing in this portfolio, you will have the opportunity to earn competitive returns and essentially profit from the economies of scale which is an advantage of investing in mutual funds (this is because all the subscribers funds are pooled together and invested by the fund manager as a substantial investment, and as thus, everyone in the pool gets the same interest rate, but the interest amount will be proportional to the principal amount invested.)
  • The investment is open ended i.e. subscribers who come on board can decide to pull out partially or fully with their principal and interest accrued at any time so wished so long as the investment has run for at least 30days.
  • There is no specific/fixed period of investing, i.e. the subscriber can investment at any time.
  • The Mutual Funds portfolio is currently returning between 4.00% – 6% YTD

Eurobond Portfolio (COMING SOON)

  • This is a dollar dominated investment
  • It will provide you with the opportunity to earn income and capital appreciationby investing in USD.
  • Higher interest rates can be earned than from a regular domiciliary bank account.
  • It is also open – ended and as such, you may redeem your investment, or portions of it at any time (a minimum of 72 hours’ notice is required).

N.B – Investment statement is sent to subscribers both quarterly and at the subscribers’ request.

EAC Short Term Note (Fixed Term Deposit) (COMING SOON)

  • This is an individualized and tenured investment with a fixed rate of interest attributable to the investor at the end of the stipulated tenure.
  • The minimum amount for this investment is N500,000 with no maximum amount, and can be fixed at an agreed interest rate for a minimum period of 30days, but can also be 60days, 90days, 180day or 1year. Rates are however subject to volume and tenor of investment.
  • After the expiration of the initially chosen tenure, the interest can be paid into the investors’ bank account upon request, while the principal is re-invested for another chosen period at another agreed rate, or both the principal and the interest is re-invested for another chosen tenor at another agreed interest rate.
  • It can be used to grow otherwise idle sums at a pre-determined rate of interest and at pre-determined tenure, thus can be used to make a financial target.

NB – Partial or full withdrawal by the investor from this investment before the maturity date attracts a penal charge of 25% of the accrued interest as at the date of withdrawal request.

See Account Opening Form Below:

EAAML Account Opening Form